Manning Family Wellness, Commitment To Healthy Living

Manning Family Wellness is a family owned and operated health and wellness corporation, providing professional services and products sales to clients in the Greater Seattle area from our home office in Lynnwood, Washington and also serving remote clients from around the globe.Todd_and_Cheryl

Hello Friends. My name is Todd Manning. I'm the co-owner of Manning Family Wellness, alongside my wife, Cheryl Manning.

Are you ready to make a commitment to healthy living?

Cheryl and I answered that questions for ourselves back in the summer of 1998, the year we got married. We both already had a strong interest in health and wellness. Cheryl, as a licensed medical professional (Occupational Therapy) and myself as a fitness fanatic focusing on the sport of triathlon. However, as you might have experienced for yourself, having an interest in something does not necessarily mean you have made a commitment to make it a part of your daily life.

We believe healthy living is something that everyone should not just show in an interest towards, but should make a COMMITMENT to developing. Thus, shortly after our marriage, we started Manning Family Wellness to help others like ourselves make a Commitment To Healthy Living™. We like to say that this is not a corporate slogan, it's our way of life.

How are we able to help you make that commitment?

We put our combined 30 plus years of experience living out our own commitment to health, wellness, and fitness together with a huge amount of personal passion and integrity, and solidify it with a true love for the well being of each and every one of our clients.

Cheryl, brings her medical background and continuing education in the areas of nutrition, whole food supplementation, CranioSacral therapy, and other holistic health and nutrition practices. Todd focuses on fitness and athletic performance. He brings together his personal experience as a competitive runner and triathlete as well as his experience as a personal trainer for endurance sports and CrossFit (strength and conditioning).

What sets Manning Family Wellness apart?

We believe that what sets us apart is our intentional focus on conducting our business according to the following operating principles which we review and evaluate ourselves against on a regular basis.


  • Customer Obsession
    We relentlessly advocate for our customers. We seek to truly understand their needs. We go above and beyond to give them the best level of service possible.
  • Insist On The Highest Standards
    We hold ourselves and our teammates to the highest standards. We do not compromise our principles. We conduct business with integrity.
  • Keep It Simple
    We teach the basics first with laser like focus, providing a foundation from which we can then bring forth creativity, adaptation, and variety. We avoid complexity. When complexity is required we use creative and innovate ways to communicate so that our audience can understand the fundamental elements without needing to know every detail.
  • Bias For Action
    We complete our due-diligence and then we act as quickly as possible. We avoid standing still. We move forward even when circumstances are less than ideal. Some movement is better than no movement.
  • Innovation and Education
    We understand that the world of health and fitness is always evolving and thus we keep up-to-speed on both the good verses the bad, facts verses fiction, good intentions  verses good results. We conduct regular research and experimentation. Once we find something that works we learn it, we teach it and we follow it ourselves.
  • Make Goals Not Wishes
    We create goals that are specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and time bound. While we never stop dreaming or thinking big, we break this down into tasks and milestones that get us to our goals.
  • Mean What You Say and Say What You Mean
    We believe in substance and conviction. If we lack either then we must dive deeper before we speak about something we ourselves do not fully understand or believe.
  • Vocally Self-Critical
    We are not afraid to speak to our short-comings. We are up-front about areas where we can improve and we seek input and feedback from others. We understand we can’t understand it ALL.
  • People First, Profits Follow
    We believe that when we treat our customers, our business partners, our families, and our friends with respect then the financial side of the house will take care of itself.